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Director: Mark A. Murray

Address: 370 N. Middletown Road   Lima, PA 19037

Phone: 610-891-8660

The Juvenile Detention Center is a division of the Court Services Department, governed by the Board of Judges, under the direction of President Judge Kevin F. Kelly. The facility is licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Located on Route 352 in Lima, the Detention Center provides a secure setting protecting the community from young people, ages 10 through 18, whose behavior has endangered and/or appears likely to endanger the citizens an/or their property within the community.

The Detention Center provides secure custody, guaranteeing the court that youths will be available for court appearances when they have failed in the past and/or there is a lack of parental supervision or responsibility for the youth’s appearance. It further ensures that youths will be available for psychological, psychiatric and/or educational diagnostic testing.

Presently there are 66 beds for Delaware County admissions. From 2013 to 2018 the number of residents admitted to juvenile detention and their days of care have been steadily declining. In 2013 a total of 1,096 children were admitted to detention with 15,794 days of care. In 2018 a total of 504 children were admitted with the total days of care being 8395. The 2018 numbers show a reduction of 55 percent in the number of children from 2013.

Revenue for the facility was obtained through Act 148 Revenues equal to 50% of the cost of operation and 50% from County Budget. Other sources of reimbursement include funding through Department of Education and the National School Lunch Program.

The Center also provides many programs for the youths while detained. Thresholds, provides an educational decision-making course taught by volunteer teachers with the goal of helping to reduce the risk of recidivism. The Chester Community Hospital Residency Program meets with all new admissions on a weekly basis and offers a comprehensive health education component. Resident doctors give presentations on a variety of topics including Alcohol/Danger of Drugs, Gun Violence, Hygiene and Nutrition. The DCIU (Delaware County Intermediate Program) provides a full time instructor who teaches a lesson plan based on social skills and decision making.

After the Federal (TANF) reimbursement was cut in 2006 and 2007. State and County funding streams now fund the cost of three full-time Clinical Case Managers, a psychiatrist, and psychologist who assists the Court and Probation Department with evaluations of children identified with emotional disorders.

Through the efforts of the Common Pleas Court Judges and County Court Services/Probation, the number of admission have decreased by 55% percent from 2013 while the average length of stay of residents has been reduced from 21 days to 17 days in 2018. This represents a considerable reduction in cost due to staffing mandates.

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National School Lunch Program

All residents of the Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center are eligible for, and receive, free breakfast and lunch through the National School Lunch Program. Families of students released from detention may still be eligible for free or reduced meals, as well as additional benefits, by applying online at www.compass.state.pa.us.

Additionally, please be advised that students released from detention may still be eligible for free summertime meals under the Summer Food Program. Visit www.fns.usda.gov/summerfoodrocks to find a location.

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