Act 77

What do you need to know about Act 77?

Act 77 makes several notable changes to the Pennsylvania Election Code, which controls the way we run elections in the Commonwealth. Act 77’s changes will become most visible to residents of Delaware County, and the rest of Pennsylvania, when they show up to vote in this year’s election.

Act 77’s changes will become most visible to Delaware County residents when they show up to vote in this year’s primary election on April 28, 2020.


What’s Changed?

Elimination of “One Touch” straight party ticket voting

New deadline to register to vote is now 15 days before an election

New mail in option- you can request a mail in ballot online or by mail and return your completed ballot up to 7 days before the election.

Absentee ballots will no longer be counted at local polling places on election day. They will be opened and canvassed centrally by the Election Board after the polls close.

Early in person voting- People can vote at the County Bureau of Elections once the ballot is set and up until 7 days before the election.

Satellite early in person voting- Act 77 also permits counties to establish one or more satellite locations for residents to vote early.

New Voting Equipment:

One of the most visible changes coming out of Act 77 will be a change in the types of voting systems used by counties in elections. Voting systems must now offer a paper backup system. The voting machines used in Delaware County for many years did not meet that requirement and had to be replaced to meet the State’s mandate.

The new Hart Verity 2.3.4 system, certified by the PA Department of State, is a paper ballot system that offers plain text which voters can read to verify their vote before casting their ballot.

Summary of SB 422

Board Solicitor’s Presentation 02/06/2020

Information Brochure on Act 77 (PDF)

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