Cleaner Car, Truck, and Bus Technologies for Cleaner Air

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DEP is funding cleaner diesel, electric, and hydrogen fuel cell projects.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has announced several grant programs that municipalities, school districts, and businesses can take advantage of to improve the air we breathe. To help Pennsylvania meet its diesel emissions reduction goals, the Wolf Administration has developed new grant and rebate programs to improve air quality in Pennsylvania and drive transformation from older, polluting diesel engines to clean technologies.

New engine technologies like electric, compressed natural gas, propane, and clean diesel can significantly reduce pollutants from freight and delivery trucks and school buses that rely on older diesel technology. The Planning Department encourages municipalities and school districts to consider applying for these grants for their car, truck and school bus fleets.

According to the Environment Protection Agency's (EPA) 2014 National Emissions Inventory, transportation accounts for most of the NOx (oxides of nitrogen) emissions in Pennsylvania. NOx is a precursor in the formation of ground level ozone and fine particulate matter (PM2.5). At elevated levels, ground level ozone and PM2.5 can adversely affect the environment and human health.

Grant programs that are now open for applications include the Onroad Rebate Program (for trucks and school buses), Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Rebate (for public and non-public use), and the Fast Charging and Hydrogen Fueling Program (for public use). For more information, go to the funding page of the Planning Department’s website and

Questions about cleaner driving technologies? Contact the Planning Department at 610-891-5200 or

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