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Steps toward Walkability: Delaware County Sidewalk Inventory utilizes countywide sidewalk coverage geographic information system (GIS) data to analyze sidewalk conditions, sidewalk connectivity, and walkability in Delaware County.

Sidewalks, along with other pedestrian and bicycle facilities, help to create Complete Streets that accommodate all roadway users, regardless of physical ability or demographics. Steps Toward Walkability: Delaware County Sidewalk Inventory supports the implementation of Complete Streets throughout the County.

Sidewalks improve walkability, making travel as a pedestrian safer and more convenient. In this way, sidewalks enhance mobility and accessibility, and facilitate economic activity. Sidewalks also offer an opportunity for physical activity, which has many physical and emotional health benefits. Furthermore, walking, instead of driving, short distances can reduce emissions and improve air quality.

In order to analyze walkability, one needs to know where sidewalks do and do not exist. Historically, sidewalk data has been non-existent or difficult to access in Delaware County.To fill this data gap, the Delaware County Planning Department (DCPD) mapped sidewalks countywide with a geographic information system (GIS). Sidewalk maps make it easy to identify crucial gaps in sidewalk networks.

Sidewalk maps, such as the map shown on the right, are utilized in Steps toward Walkability to analyze the sidewalk networks of 18 case studies from all over the County. Case study transportation network analysis focuses primarily on pedestrian facilities but touches on many other factors, including bicycle facilities. Building on case study analysis, the report offers specific recommendations for pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

Steps toward Walkability’s case studies can serve as a template for those who want to undertake their own walkability analysis. The case studies are summarized in the Steps toward Walkability Story Map, an online tool which allows viewers to explore sidewalk coverage anywhere in Delaware County.

The report includes descriptions of several statewide, regional, and local funding sources that can be utilized to plan or implement improvements. DCPD can also help though pedestrian and bicycle plans, municipal plan and zoning code updates, targeted walkability studies, and grant application assistance.

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