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Below are the studies on which this application was based. Reimagining Chester seeks to integrate these studies into a cohesive vision as directed by the community input of Chester City. The letters of support are reflective of how important this project is to so many groups, organizations, and elected officials. We look forward to further engagement to ensure it is a transportation network that works for all people.

------------------------------------------------ SUPPORTING PLANS ------------------------------------------------

Chester Transportation Center & Economic Development Action Plan


East Coast Greenway Master Plan Needs Assessment (2002)

East Coast Greenway- Tinicum 291 to Heinz feasibility Study (2017)


Improving Pedestrian & Bicycle Access to Heinz Refuge (2007)

Chester Waterfront Redefined


Chester City Stormwater Plan (2017)

Chester City Resilience through Recreation (2018)


Chester City Vision (2012)

Chester City Vision – Climate Adaptation (2014)


Chester Environmental Risk Study (1995)

Chester Waterfront Master Plan


City of Chester Marketing Document (2019)

Delaware County Housing Plan (2020)


East Coast Greenway Trail Feasibility Study (2009)

East Coast Greenway Implementation Phase 1 (2019)


East Coast Greenway Title Search (2014)

Industrial Heritage Parkway Greenway Landscape & Signage Guidelines (2005)


Industrial Heritage Parkway Beautification & Greenway Plan (2002)

Industrial Heritage Parkway Interpretive Signage Guidelines Design Handbook (2013)


Industrial Heritage Parkway Interpretive Signage Guidelines Project Narrative (2013)

Delaware River Watershed Conservation Plan


A River Connected- Public Access to the Delaware River (2021)

Chester Riverfront & Community Rail Access Study (2011)


PA291 Access Management Study (2015)

Population Forecast – DVRPC (2015)


Truck Way Finding in the City of Chester

US322 Congestion Management Systems Analysis (1995)


Greenway Criteria & Design Guide (2019)

Investing in Our Future (2019)


Economic Development Plan (2017)

Superfund Site- Chester 5 year Report (2018)


Potential Economic Impact of the Chester Waterfront Master Plan (2020)

Opportunities to Improve Heavy-Duty Vehicle routes through Chester (2016)


Highland Avenue Transit Oriented Development Study (2009)

SR 291 Right of Way Assessment for the East Coast Greenway Phase 1 (2018)


SR 291 Right of Way Alignment and Right of Way Analysis (2018)

SEPTA Forward Strategic Plan


SEPTA Forward Bus Revolution

SEPTA Market Analysis


Sunoco Marcus Hook Industrial Complex Economic Opportunity Reuse Study

Pennsylvania Trail Network Strategic Plan, 2020-2024
Appendix E


Delaware County Transportation Plan 2035 (2017)

Delaware County: Countywide Greenway Plan Vol II (2015)





----------------------------------------------- LETTERS OF SUPPORT -----------------------------------------------
Elected Officials
Chester City Stakeholders

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon


Access Community Center

Senator John Kane


Making a Change Group

Senator Robert Casey, Jr.

  Chester Business Association

Representative Brian Kirkland


Chester Housing Authority

Stakeholder Partners



Health Mats Company



Keystone First

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Authority


Laborers 413

City of Chester


Lamb McErlane

Delaware County Council


Monroe Energy

East Coast Greenway


People’s & Sons, LLC

County Government

PSA Penn Terminals

Delaware County Chamber of Commerce



Delaware County Foundation


Widener University

Delaware County Office of Housing and Community Development






Delaware County Workforce Development Board



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