Transit Service Assessments

Delaware County Planning can perform various assessments to better plan for current and future public transit ridership throughout the County.

In order to fully evaluate and plan for improved public transit service, analysis is needed to understand existing conditions, how transit services are being used, and determining where the future demand within a given service area or along a service route may be. This analysis can include inventorying transit-supportive infrastructure to interpreting travel patterns for passengers utilizing a particular service.

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Conduct a Transit Needs Assessment

Transit Needs Assessments consist of inventorying transit infrastructure from bus stops to fixed rail facilities. Needs Assessments will evaluate current levels of transit service, identify existing and missing passenger amenities, evaluate parking demand, and make recommendations addressing these findings to better serve the transit demand at a particular stop(s).

Conduct a Travel Survey

A travel survey is an inexpensive tool which helps inform planners on how passengers are utilizing the transit system and generally what their travel patterns and behavior are. Surveys are essential for better understanding individual travel behavior that current ridership information cannot interpret. Surveys are best utilized on a per station basis for light and regional rail service and best utilized along an entire bus route for obtaining information on a particular bus service. The surveys aim to collect demographic information and to determine where a person is travelling to and for what purpose. Additionally for light and regional rail services, a drivershed analysis can be conducted to determine geographically from where most of the passengers who utilize and park at a particular station may be originating.


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