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Welcome to Delaware County's Court of Common Pleas 32nd Judicial District for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Court of Common Pleas located in the historic courthouse has had a long rich history of serving the residents of Delaware County. Today, the Court System covers 12 departments and operates with a budget of approximately $58 million dollars. Under the leadership of President Judge Kevin F. Kelly, the Court of Common Pleas continues to expand its vital role in Delaware County.

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Recognizing that the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has recently directed that even those judicial districts located in areas still significantly impacted by the Coronavirus while remaining focused on the discharge of critical court functions must now additionally make best efforts in all other type matters to accomplish the administration of justice, subject to the constraining safety considerations brought about by the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis, this court in appreciative consultation with core systematic stakeholders has developed a plan realizing the equilibrium between the upmost concern of the judiciary for the safety of the court staff, all counsel, every litigant, the various witnesses of the parties, and the public generally, while also being mindful of the necessity to once more provide with regularity for the timely the administration of justice.

Effective Monday, June 1, 2020, the criminal, civil and family trial courts will resume certain judicial operations in the court of common pleas, including in-person hearings, under staggered start schedules, hourly caps of the number of cases to be heard, and an aggregate number of matters listed daily. Additionally, the court will continue as it has since the commencement of the present public health crisis to timely list and hear various emergency concerns. (Additional details about those court operations again starting as of June 1, 2020, can be found on the Delaware County court’s webpage by clicking and reading the criminal, family and civil section emergency orders’ attachments -

For now, all Domestic Relations master’s and judge’s hearings remain cancelled, except as the court may specially list with advanced notice to the interested parties. Domestic Relations will continue conducting contempt conferences telephonically. Establishment conferences will begin being conducted telephonically. If your case receives a payment it will be distributed. You can check for payments and manage your case at Payments can be made electronically on that site, or through Ncourt at or by calling 1-877-793-7955, or with cash at any MoneyGram bill pay location. Due to only having essential staff, the Domestic Relations Office is responding to e-mail inquiries only at

For now, only counsel, the parties, and witnesses will be permitted access to the court house and should report about thirty minutes before the scheduled start time as anyone arriving earlier will not then be allowed into the complex to limit needless loitering and foot traffic. (Further details about those currently having court house access, including credentialed press members, can be found on the Delaware County court’s webpage by clicking and reading the criminal, family and civil section emergency orders’ attachments All those entering the court house must undergo both a security and health screening, including the taking of temperatures, and will be denied admission should they not pass the health assessment.

This is the first of what is anticipated to be numerous purposefully measured and regularly recurring increments balancing in an evolving fashion the health and safety concerns of court staff and the public with the need to again assure continuous and complete court operations. Relatedly, efforts have already been ongoing to develop the next course of appropriately proceeding to expand trial court operations, as well as similarly position local court facilities in the near future to again process in-person matters.

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience. Be well and stay healthy.

Emergency Orders:

Fourth Order Directing Emergency Postponement of Weekend - Partial Confinement Terms

The courts of Delaware County (32nd judicial district) remain operational per Emergency Revised Scheduling and Operational Protocols - As of November 12, 2020

Fifth Emergency Order Extension and Amendments - Magisterial District Court Operations, as Amended

Fifth Emergency Order Extension - Civil Section, as Amended

Fifth Emergency Order Extension - Family Section

New Second Chance Court Video

Fifth Order Extending the Thirty-Second (32nd) Judicial District's Past Declared Emergency

Fifth Order Extending Emergency Postponement of Community Service Sentencing Conditions

Third Emergency Order Extension - Criminal Section

Emergency Order Postponing November 20, 2020 Sheriff's Real Estrate Sale

Emergency Order Postponing the October 15, 2020, Judicial Tax Sale

Emergency Order Postponing the September 17, 2020, Upset Tax Sale

Delaware County Reassessment Emergency Petition to Extend Appeal Deadline for Countywide Reassessment Appeals

Cessation of Statewide Judicial Emergency After June 1, 2020

Emergency Order - Notice of Hearing Publications Regarding Judicial Name Changes

Order Extending Emergency Postponement of Weekend-Partial Confinement Terms at the George W. Hill Correctional Facility Extended

Emergency Order Allowing for Early Parole Review and Such Possible Release Extended

Emergency Order Allowing for Re-Parole Review and Such Possible Release Extended

Order Extending Emergency Cancelation of In-Person Formal Criminal Arraignment Extended

Order Extending Stay of Residential Property Evictions

Order Extending Cancelation of Jury Trials and Jury Duty


New Second Chance Court Video

Second Supplemental Order - 4/1/20

ADA Grievance Procedure - UPDATE

Delaware County Criminal Justice Advisory Board: Strategic Plan 2020-2024

20-12 Deputy Administrator, Trial Court Job Announcement

Order Declaring a Judicial Emergency

Pennsylvania Courts Launch Outreach Campaign to Help Stop Abuse

Pennsylvania courts today launched a "stop abuse" outreach campaign in English and Spanish to educate victims of abuse that protection orders are an option to help stop their abuse.

Delaware County Holds Free E-Filing Seminar on Oct. 11

The Delaware County Office of Judicial Support (OJS) will be hosting a free seminar for anyone interested in learning more about the new Delaware County E-filing program.

Delaware County Announces E-Filing Electronic Filing effective July 30

The Delaware County Court of Common Pleas and the Office of Judicial Support (OJS) launched E-filing for non-family civil matters on July 30, 2018. 

Delaware County announces participation in National Night Out

Delaware County Council joined various members of law enforcement during its July 25 council meeting to announce local participation in National Night Out.

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