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County Council Last Week Moved to Block Illegal Trust Created by Former Republican Majority

Delaware County Council today announced its intent to terminate the Delaware County Regional Water Authority (DELCORA), and to have the County assume responsibilities for DELCORA’s operations. You can read the termination ordinance intended to be introduced by the County Council here:

Last week, County Council took action to block the illegal trust created by the former Republican Majority in the final days of their terms. You can read the full release and complaint:

In 2019, the Board of DELCORA, appointed by the former Republican majority on the Delaware County Council entered into an agreement - using a no-bid process and allowing no meaningful public input - with Aqua Pennsylvania to sell DELCORA and privatize its operations. Additionally, in the final days of their terms, the former Republican majority illegally created a trust to distribute assets from the sale directly back to Aqua Pennsylvania, and not to ratepayers.

The new County Council has vowed to make county government more transparent and to protect taxpayers. Over the last week, County Council has taken swift action to:

Block the formation of the illegal trust created by the former Republican Majority.

Announced its intent to terminate DELCORA to protect the public from the authority’s illegal activities, and to have the county assume responsibility for DELCORA’s operations.

Announced its intent to ensure DELCORA is not taking steps that prevent the County’s elected officials from managing the county's assets and taxpayer money.

Announced its intent to prevent DELCORA from taking any further action inconsistent with termination.

“This week, we are taking another step to reverse an overtly political and backhanded deal orchestrated by the former Republican majority," said Brian Zidek, County Council Chair. “I’ve been opposed to this deal from the beginning because I believe taxpayers should be our top priority, not our political allies.”

“With this week’s action, the County Council is once again putting the interests of taxpayers at the forefront,” said Dr. Monica Taylor, County Council Vice Chair. “Political appointees should not decide how taxpayer money and assets are spent.”

“As representatives of the people, it is imperative that we put the public’s interest first,” said Councilman Kevin Madden. “When the DELCORA Board and the previous County Council majority cut a deal to sell a county asset without a competitive process or without proper public input, I vowed to reverse that deal. This week is another step forward in accomplishing that.”

“Political appointees, self-interested management, and their corporate friends cannot be allowed to run roughshod over the democratic process,” said Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther. “The sale of DELCORA was not transparent, and the creation of the trust was illegal. Our job as elected representatives is to fight for the people of this county, not to protect patronage employees.”

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