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Where can I get a map of my property line?

To obtain parcel data or property maps, please contact Anita Bostwick, GIS Manager, at the Board of Assessments at (610) 891-4793 or

Do you have recent aerials?

Yes, we have aerials flown each 3x a year. View our aerials here: Delaware County Aerial Viewer

Do you have historic aerials?

We do not manage historic aerials. Penn Pilot and DVRPC Compiled an interactive viewer for users to download historic imagery ranging from 1937-1995. Penn Pilot Historical Aerial Photographs of Pennsylvania

Do you have trail maps of Delaware County?

The trails layer to download is on our data inventory, here: Download Trails

To view trails interactively, ODMI has teamed with VisitDelcoPA to create an interactive trail application, Delco Trail Mix

Do you have a countywide map?

Yes, we have a countywide map in collaboration with the tourism bureau, VisitDelcoPA. A folded map can be picked up at the VisitDelcoPA office in Rose Tree Park or downloaded Delaware County Road Map

What types of payments do you take for a custom map or data request?

We take cash, checks and money orders. Checks can be made payable to Treasurer of Delaware County.

Do you have utilities mapped?

No, the county does not manage utility data, this is maintained at the municipal level by in-house planners or municipal engineers. To request utility data, please contact the municipal engineer of that Borough or Township.


Disclaimer: The presentation of the parcels in public applications is provided for general informational purposes only and not accuracy. While efforts have been made to ensure the reliability of the information, the accuracy of parcel-related data can vary depending on various factors. Therefore, the information provided should not be solely relied upon for critical decision-making or as a substitute for professional advice. Users are advised to independently verify and validate any parcel-related information and consult with relevant experts or authorities for specific guidance tailored to their unique situation. The provider of this disclaimer shall not be held liable for any errors, omissions, or damages arising from the use of or reliance on the information provided.

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Delaware County, presently consisting of over 184 square miles divided into forty-nine municipalities is the oldest settled section of Pennsylvania.

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