DELCO Green Space Task Force

DELCO GREEN space task force

What is the Delco Green Space Task Force?

This is game changer! The Green Space Task Force (GSTF) is empowering an epic paradigm shift for Green Space in Delaware County. Tasked with guiding the County’s vision and policy direction for green space, this group –– along with its associated volunteers and advocates –– is making a tremendous positive impact on Delco residents today and into the future.

Responsibilities of the GSTF:

  • Assist the County in developing an overall framework to guide Green Space, Park, and Recreation infrastructure that recognizes the unique needs of the County.
  • Review the Program Guidelines for the Delco Green Ways municipal Green Space and recreation grant program. Work on improving the program for future rounds.
  • Clarify the County’s role in providing Green Space and Recreation services. Asses the County’s current capacity for fulfilling this role and ways that it can be improved.
  • Review the 2015 Delaware County Green Space Recreation, and Greenway Plan (OSRGP) and its action plans. Evaluate the progress of its implementation.
  • Review the 2018 OSRGP Green Space Task Force Recommended Implementation Strategy, which led to the $10 million bond for funding the current Green Space Program and Municipal Grant Program. Make a recommendation for a renewed strategy for County Green Space Program funding to further address the goals of the OSRGP.
  • Help pool corporate, philanthropic, and donor support and advocacy to help sustain the County Green Space Program.
  • Review the Delaware County Transition Working Group Report on Natural Resources, Parks, and Green Space Subcommittees.
  • Assist in the Return on Environment (ROE) – Economic Value of Green Space report being developed for Delaware County by the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Members of the Green Space Task Force will also serve on the Advisory Committee for the Delaware County ROE project.
  • Who is on the Delco Green Space Task Force?

    An open call for applicants prompted an exceptional applicant pool of over 50 quality candidates. Forward thinking, action-oriented, outdoor-loving residents who applied to voluntarily serve their community through the new Green Space Task Force. The County interviewed twenty-seven applicants and appointed a diverse group of fourteen leaders, influencers, and motivated individuals. Appointments were made in areas of green space preservation, natural lands conservation, parks and recreation management, fundraising, economics, business, real estate, law, health, communications, and community organizing. These Task force members represent the fabric of our communities and the wide range of constituencies that we serve.

    Team Members

  • Jose Alvarez
  • Andrew Bunting
  • Mario Cimino
  • John Crossan
  • Dominic DiLuzio
  • Ann Hutchinson
  • Jaime Jilozian
  • Robert Jordan
  • William Lighter
  • Peter Rykard
  • Karen Wilwol
  • Allison Dobbins
  • Douglas Interrante
  • Afsana Oreen
  • Peter Williamson
  • How can I get involved?

    Take action to influence change for your home county. The GSTF green leaders will liaise between County Council and on the ground volunteers within the county’s municipalities. We welcome you, along with volunteers from of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved by following County Council social media, sign up for our mailing list, and feel free to contact us directly with inquiries and ideas to share.

    More to come –- visit again soon!

    The Green Space Task Force will be developing the vision, mission, goals, and implementation steps to influence a culture of appreciation for conservation and the use of natural lands throughout the County – stay tuned!

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