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All Delaware County voters will vote using paper ballots. Most voters will hand-mark their ballots, while some voters—including disabled voters who do not have the ability to cast a hand-marked paper ballot—will use the Hart Verity Touch Writer to mark their ballot.

Why Paper Ballots in PA? [PDF]
How to Vote on Verity Touch Writer Ballot Marking Device (Disabled Voters) [2:29]

All voters will cast their ballot by feeding it into the Hart Verity Scanner, which will record the vote and signal the voter that the ballot has been cast.

Once the scanner records your vote, it will deposit the paper ballot in the ballot box. Each precinct election board will be able to report its unofficial vote counts from the scanners at the end of the night, using the same process that was followed with the Danaher voting machines that were used through 2019. The paper ballots will be returned with the scanner drives to the County Election Office. The benefit of the new Hart system is that the paper ballots will backstop the scanner counts if an audit or recount is necessary.

How to Vote with the Scanner [PDF]
How to Vote Using Verity Scan [1:01]

If you have any questions at the polling place on election day, poll workers are there to help you. Poll workers are trained to maintain the secrecy of your ballot.

Instructions: Hand-Marked Paper Ballot Voting Checklist

  1. You will be given a ballot and directed to a private security-screened area to review your ballot.

  2. Mark your ballot, using blue or black ink only.

  3. Fill in your selected boxes completely. Fill out the front and the back.

  4. Review your ballot. If you believe you need a new ballot (perhaps you mismarked one of your intended candidates), simply ask a poll worker for a new ballot. They will provide a new ballot and spoil/destroy your existing ballot.

  5. Take your ballot to the ballot scanner.

  6. Animated green arrows show you where to insert your paper ballot. Insert your ballot.
    There is no wrong way to insert your ballot. The scanner reads both sides of the ballot.

  7. Note that on-screen and audio notices may alert you to possible errors on your ballot.

  8. If necessary, make corrections, or press the “Cast Ballot as-is” button.

  9. The screen will confirm that your ballot has been cast. The ballot will be physically stored in the locked ballot box. After the polls close, poll workers will deliver the ballots to the county election office, where they will be scanned and counted.

  10. Congratulations. Your vote has been cast!

Instructions: Using the Hart Verity Touch Writer

Disabled voters who do not have the ability to cast a hand-marked paper ballot will use the Hart Verity Touch Writer. Note: Any voter can elect to use this option if it is their preference).

  1. A poll worker will direct you to a voting station and set you up with the ballot marking device.

  2. Select “Get Started” by touching the screen.

  3. Make your selections by touching the screen. Touch the box next to the candidate or response.

  4. Use the NEXT and BACK buttons at the bottom of the screen to switch between contests.

  5. At any time while you are voting, you can review your selections by pressing the "Review your choices" button at the bottom of the screen.

  6. Check that you have voted all the contests you want to vote and confirm your selections (You do not have to vote every contest).

  7. Check the maximum number of candidates you are allowed to select for each office (You may select fewer than the maximum number of candidates).

  8. To make a change, touch the button "Return to ballot" and switch to the contest you want to change using the NEXT and BACK buttons.

  9. If you are satisfied with your selections, touch the PRINT button on the screen.

  10. Your ballot will print to the printer connected to the ballot marking device.

  11. Confirm your selections on the printed ballot.

    If you want to make a change after the ballot is printed, you will need help from a poll worker to start over and spoil/destroy your unwanted ballot.

  12. Take your printed ballot to the ballot box and insert it into the ballot box.

  13. Your ballot is cast once it drops into the ballot box.

  14. After the polls close, poll workers will deliver the ballots to the county election office, where they will be scanned and counted.

  15. Congratulations. Your vote has been cast!

Voting Reminders Regarding Disabled Voters

If a voter cannot read or write; cannot read the names on the ballots; has difficulty understanding English; or is blind, disabled, or unable to operate the voting machine, the voter has the right to assistance. A voter also has the right to refuse assistance.

Voters may request help from a relative, friend, neighbor, or another voter. Voters do not need to be designated in the poll book district register as “assistance permitted” to receive this assistance.  If a voter wants assistance, the voter will need to sign an Assistance Declaration (unless the poll book already indicates “assistance permitted”).

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