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How do I find out who my Probation/Parole Officer is ?

You can find out who your Probation/Parole Officer is by calling (610) 891-4591 and speaking to the receptionist.

What time is the Probation/Parole office open?

All of our offices are open from at least 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

I have an after-hours emergency, what do I do?

If you have a legitimate emergency after hours you can call our emergency communication center at (610) 892-8400.

How do I obtain verification of my prison time served to have my driver's license reinstated?

You can call (610) 891-4384 and request the information.

Where can I obtain information about my criminal case, including how much I owe in court costs, fines and restitution?

You can go to and look under public web docket sheets and enter your information to view your cases.

Where can I make a payment towards my court costs, fines and restitution?

Please check or money order payable to Court Finanical Services

You can pay online at


You can give your Probation/Parole Officer a check or money order


You can go to the lower level of the Government Center to the Office of Court Financial Services and pay with cash, check or money order.


You can send a payment to C.F.S. 201 W. Front St. Media, Pa 19063


How do I obtain my case number so I can send in a payment?

You can ask your Probation/Parole Officer


You can go to and look under public web docket sheets and enter your information to view your cases.

Where do I call to schedule my Alcohol Safe Driving Classes?

You can call (610) 237-8630.

I am a victim of abuse. Who can I call to get help?

To obtain assistance as a victim, you can call Delaware County Women Against Rape and Crime Victim Services at (610) 566-4342.

I am a victim of a convicted offender who is currently incarcerated, how will I know when he/she is released from prison?

To register for prison release notifications you can go to

I need to schedule my Community Service. Where do I call?

To schedule your Community Service please call (610)-891-4461.

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