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Delaware County Office of the Medical Examiner (DCOME) Externship Program

The DCOME externship program provides aspiring students with educational, and practical experience in the field of forensic death investigations. Students will gain knowledge of the operational functions of the Delaware County Office of the Medical Examiner, as well as gain a professional transition into the field.

What to Expect from the Externship?

Students will submit a paper review on one case they were involved in observing and what they learned from the case as it pertains to their course of study every two weeks (total of two cases).

Students will submit a paper at the end of their program reflecting on their experience in the externship program, as well as submit a list of all the cases they have observed and the type of case it was.

Students will be able to observe and gain educational and practical experience viewing autopsies, learn and view how medicolegal death investigations work in Delaware County, learn the duties of the Medical Examiner, as well as learn the daily operational functions of the medical examiner’s office.

Available: Fall, Winter, Spring Semesters (5 Week Programs)

  • Fall Semester: October – November
  • Winter Semester: January – February
  • Spring Semester: March - April

Requirements for Acceptance:

  1. Must provide a transcript of full-time or part-time status from their college/university.
  2. Student must submit a letter of interest including the student’s current field of study, career aspirations, and what they seek to gain from this experience.
  3. Will require a waiver signed regarding health insurance and car insurance showing proof of coverage
  4. Must submit one letter of recommendation from a professor, or professional in the field, to speak on behalf of the work ethic, commitment, and character of the individual.
  5. Students must be over the age of 18 at the time of the starting date of the externship.
  6. Students will require an interview by DCOME externship coordinator and administrative staff.

About the Externship Opportunity at DCOME

  1. Students will be required to fulfill 100 hours of the externship to be signed off as completing the externship.
  2. Students must wear appropriate clothing, semiprofessional attire

How to Apply

All prospective students are to send their documents via email to

All paperwork must be completed in its entirety before sending it to DCOME, or the application will be discarded as it will be incomplete. Applications must be sent three weeks prior to the start of the desired semester.

If there are any questions regarding the application requirements or program, please contact the office at (610) 891-5953.

Other Externship Details

Students that are under the externship program are not permitted to handle evidence, the decedents, assist in photography on scenes or note taking, or handle hazardous material in and out of the autopsy room.

Students are to sign a waiver regarding maintaining confidentiality of all cases they may learn about. Failure to maintain professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality will result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of the program.

Contact Us

  •   201 West Front Street,
         Media, PA 19063
  •   8:30AM - 4:30PM
           Monday - Friday
  •   610-891-4000

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