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What is the role of the Medical Examiner’s Office?

The Delaware County Office of the Medical Examiner has several roles: 1) To establish the cause and manner of death of decedents that fall under its jurisdiction. 2) To positively identify all unknown decedents 3) To notify the next of kin

Do I need to come to the Delaware County Office of the Medical Examiner to do an identification?

In most cases decedents are positively identified visually on scene by police or family members. If your loved one is the victim of a Homicide the decedent’s family will have to come in person to the DCOME to do the Identification interview by appointment only.

Will I be able to view my loved one at the DELAWARE COUNTY OFFICE OF THE MEDICAL EXAMINER?

To ensure security and public safety, it is not possible to view bodies at the DCOME. Families are encouraged to view the decedent at their designated funeral home.

How and when will I be notified of the results of the investigation and examination?

In most cases, some of the findings may be available within 24 hours after examination. If a case is pending, it may take approximately 6-8 weeks before toxicological analysis is complete and the case can be amended. Unfortunately, due to the large case load, investigators are not able to contact each individual family after the examination. The legal next-of-kin is able to contact DCOME in order to inquire about findings.

How do I obtain the death certificate?

The DCOME certifies all deaths via the Electronic Death Registry System (EDRS). The funeral home is provided the EDRS case ID # when the decedent is picked up. The family should work closely with the funeral home to obtain a copy of the death certificate.

How do I retrieve the clothing and personal property of my loved one?

In most cases, the clothing and decedent’s property will be turned over to the funeral home when the decedent is picked up from our office. Clothing will not be returned to funeral home if it poses a biohazard or if the clothing has been turned over to law enforcement for additional testing or investigation.

Will I be charged a fee for the investigation or examination done by DCOME?

There is no fee for any examination or tests performed during the investigation of a decedent’s death by the DCOME, however there is a nominal charge for reports compiled by this office pursuant to Pennsylvania Statute Act of 154 of 2018, Article XII-B (Sub article A) Section 1252B (Fees for Reports). To see a list of fees please CLICK HERE.

How do I request the case report or records?

There are multiple ways to request records: Online:, click on the link at the bottom of the page records, or via email to

Are DCOME findings and reports confidential?

Yes: DCOME will release investigation and examination findings and reports only to:

1. The decedent’s legal next of kin
2. A physician who was involved in the decedent’s care; and
3. An investigating public agency (e.g. law enforcement, labor and industries, etc.) Please be aware, that the decedent’s identity and cause and manner of death are public record.


Designate a primary contact person for your family

Provide your contact’s information to the Medical Examiner’s Office

Select a funeral home or crematory

Work with your funeral home to obtain a copy of the Electronic Death Certificate

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