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All support obligations are carefully monitored by the Domestic Relations Section.  All payments are required to be made in full and on time.  You can review your payments and arrears (how much is owed in support) by calling the Domestic Relations Section or by accessing the Pennsylvania Child Support website.

The State of Pennsylvania requires the Domestic Relations Section to issue a wage garnishment to employers for the collection of support.  Wage garnishments may take some time to be processed by the employer, therefore it is the responsibility of the non-custodial parent to make the support payments until it is garnished from their check. 

You are required to notify the Domestic Relations Section within seven days of any change in circumstances that may affect your support order.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Change of Address

  • Change of Employment/Income

  • Change in Health Benefits

  • Change in Child Care

  • Change of Custody

  • Emancipation of Child

  • Health Issues

Failure to report this information or comply with your support obligation may result in the following:

  • Civil Contempt

  • Jail for up to six months, a fine up to $500, or probation for up to six months

  • Seizure of your bank accounts

  • Seizure of any Personal Injury or Workers Compensation Awards

  • Seizure of your Federal and State Tax Refunds

  • Suspension of your Driver’s, Professional, Occupational, and/or Recreational Licenses (Hunting & Fishing)

  • Passport Denial

  • Liens against any Real Property that you own

  • Interception of Lottery Winnings

  • Credit Bureau Reporting

  • Publication of your name in the newspaper as a delinquent parent

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