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If you are a plaintiff who is represented by the Office of Support Representation, or would like to contact them for representation, please call (610)-891-4233. If you have an attorney and you would like your attorney to file a petition on your behalf, please contact him/her. If you are self-represented, you may file a Petition for Modification, provide a copy of your current support order. You have the option of appearing in person at the Domestic Relations Section during normal business hours (7:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.) or file through the PA Child Support Website at

If appearing at the Domestic Relations Office, it is advised that you call 610-891-4314 to make an appointment to reduce your wait time.

The Court has the right to adjust your support order at a modification hearing according to the guideline calculation. Your order can increase even if you file a petition to decrease. Likewise, your order can decrease even if you file a petition to increase.

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